Our program is under the strictest Rabbinic Supervision. We serve Glatt Kosher, Cholov Yisroel, Shmurah Matzoh. Beit Yosef/Bishul Yisroel (Chalk Bet Yosef) is also available upon request.

We also serve the best non-gebrokt matzoh balls, pancakes, pizza and pasta you have ever tasted. You’ll have to keep reminding yourself that it’s not Chometz.

Rav Hamachshir at the hotel will be Rabbi Manis Spitz

Rabbi Spitz has been with the Smilow family for over 15 years and has extensive knowledge and experience in all elements of Kashering and Pesach Supervision. The Kashrus will adhere to the most demanding and highest standards.

Rabbi Manish Spitz from Miami Beach, formerly from Lakewood, NJ and has been the Rav Hamachshir at the Smilow Families Pesach and Succos programs for for over 15 years. Rabbi Spitz works full time for some of the largest kashrus organizations and continues to lecture on kashrus topics in many communities.

References for Rabbi Spitz: Rabbi Eliyahu Shuman (Star K), Rabbi Yaakov Gross (Lakewood Rosh Kollel, Miami Beach) KM, Chof-K and the OU.

We are happy to to be under the strict Kashrus supervision of
Rabbi Nechemia Rotenberg.

Rabbi Nehemiah Rotenberg has worked extensively to compile a Kashrut list for the community in Vienna, including hundreds of food products sold in the large retail chains throughout the continent. This information is very important and allows hotel operators in Europe to use local products rather than importing from Israel or the USA.

Rabbi Rotenberg also works year-round to ensure slaughter of meat and poultry throughout Europe at the highest level of kashrut and at a reasonable price. Rabbi Rotenberg sends a special overseer to every slaughter to ensure that the meat delivery has the highest level of kashrut supervision from the start of its journey until it reaches the hotel.

Full Team of Experienced Mashgichim
Glatt Mehadrin
Cholov Yisroel
Bishul Yisroel
B’dikas Tolayim K’Din
No Kitniyot
No Shruyah (Non Gebrokts)
Dedicated Kitchens
Hand and Machine Shmurah Matzah

Rabbi Nechemia Rotenberg was born and raised in Jerusalem.

He studied at the Ponevezh Yeshiva in Bnei Brak and was ordained by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. He also studied in the Beit Midrash of Yeshivat Kol Yaakov and learned with Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu zt”l.

Rabbi Nehemiah Rotenberg came to Vienna to serve as rabbi of the community in 2002. During his tenure as Rabbi, he served as the head of the “Zehut” Beit Midrash, and, as part of his work in the community, dealt extensively with matters of kashrut as a representative of many batei din around the world, supervising food preparation in the Austrian region. He was also involved in kashrut prior to 2002 while living in Israel, where he ran a weekly radio program on kashrut.

Over the past decade, Rabbi Rotenberg has specialized in kashrut supervision of hotels throughout Europe. Kashrut of a hotel requires special work and expertise, including familiarity with industrial kitchens and kitchen kashering techniques, and extensive knowledge of the kashrut status of European & American food products.